Mum fumes as husband ‘refuses to discuss’ baby name for daughter

The birth of children is meant to provide candid and loving moments in life – from gifting them with their names to witnessing their wobbling first steps.

However, picking out a children’s name is no easy task, especially when you’re onto your third child and are only ten days post-partum.

A mum-of-three of Mumsnet was left extremely upset after revealing that her husband is refusing to discuss the name of their new daughter after he decided to call her Angela.

In the post, she was discussing the name of her daughter – who is just ten days old – after the couple compromised on previous names.

“My husband always claims that he feels the other two were names he compromised on and were never his own choices,” the user said.

“This is wrong. We both compromised and neither got our first choice.”

This time around – the husband wants a name that is “so plain and generic”.

“I just cannot even contemplate it,” she said. “Angela. I don’t like it. Fairly dated now.

She said: “We are also Scottish and Irish so everyone is expecting something Scottish, Irish or Celtic – especially as the other two children have those connotations to their names.

“He is refusing to even have a discussion on any other name – keeps saying hello little Angela to the baby to wind me up.

“Last night, I said I wouldn’t be bullied into a name I didn’t like, especially as this week he has gone straight back to work three days post birth, he has been no help with the baby.

“In a week I’d say he’s changed three nappies,” she added. “Given her one feed, yet despite his hopelessness it’s a my way or highway name.

“The amount of texts I am receiving asking about a name is driving me mad and clearly indicates we’re having problems.”

Users fled to the comment section to share their thoughts on the raw ordeal – with many coming up with a compromise to the situation.

One suggested: “Angela as a middle name and give her a name you both agree on, if he won’t discuss it tell him you will be choosing a name and getting her registered.”

“When did he decide on Angela? I mean has this disagreement been going on for 10 days or 3 months?” a second questioned.

“He wanted it since the day she was born!,” the mum responded. “It’s always been on my red list – I just can’t like it.

“To make things more difficult – we went for my grandfather’s name for our son – Angela was his wife.

“It would look absolutely ridiculous that we have the name of both of my grandparents as names to two of our three children!

“I mentioned it to mum and she was very much, “Oh, don’t be ridiculous!” And I tend to agree!”